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Welcome to my blog! I'm Hannah-Linn, teenage artist/fangirl/blogger extraordinaire. What you will find in my blog:
Fangirling, my opinions on life, love and my fictional boyfriend, many many young adult books, art, photography, a little bit of ranting and (as a small tribute to the one that made me aware of the wonders of tumblr) what happened on The Walking Dead last week.
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It’s……just something I never get tired of looking at…….

It’s……just something I never get tired of looking at…….

Andrew Lincoln, making me stare at my computer screen blankly for hours

This gif is named congratulations on your face.gif in my computer. I didn’t name it that….but it sounds about right.

I could stare at his lovely smile forever.

The best idea ever.

So my friends and I, as you all hopefully know, are HUGE Walking Dead fangirls. We just love it. 

So this is what we’re going to do. My friends at cowsfromabove.tumblr.com and geezyismysavior.tumblr.com are going to make the worlds best walking dead t-shirts.

And this is what I feel about this idea.


Each of us have a strong obsession with one specific character. So one of us will have a Team Glenn t-shirt, one with have a Team Rick Grimes, and I will have a Team Daryl shirt. And on the back we’re all going to write Ricktatorship 2012.

This is how strong our obsession is. 

So when we go back to school, and no one knows what the fuck we are wearing, and they’ll be all

And I’ll just be like.

And if anyone decides they don’t like our t-shirts?

Who wouldn’t want to make a t-shirt and a post full of GIFS for these:

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

My very favorite thing ever is to make fun or Lori’s parenting.

My Biggest Dream

I can tell everyone right now that my biggest dream on this whole planet would be to meet Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal, and Norman Reedus. I would die happy.